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About Us

A few words about our company

Adroit was formed to provide quality market intelligence and insights to our customers that help them maximize their business potential and attain sustainable competitive advantage, we offer lean and nimble approach build around the hands-on experience in different industries.

Adroit literally refers to being skilful and nimble; at adroit these attributes symbolize our approach to work. It takes skills to bring those all important insights and information for our clients to make those important business decisions and we are nimble enough to bring creativity and innovation in how we go about our job. We are proud of being one of the fast growing research and consulting firm that truly represent an amalgamation of expertise, resources and excellence. Since inception, adroit has worked closely with large companies & PSU to help them make effective and swift business decisions.

Why were we founded?

Solutions are always simple, complicated are problems, what is required is deeper understanding of problems at hand and then look for solution,. Adroit consulting services was established to provide good quality market intelligence and analysis to our customers that helps in maximizing their business potentials and attaining sustainable competitive advantage, unlike most agencies that focus only in producing knowledge about consumer, product and competitors, we strive to bring holistic market intelligence to provide solutions which are simple and implementable. Adroit was formed to facilitate this process.

Who we are?

Adroit is an independent consulting and research firm focused on bringing meaningful and simple solutions to complex problems. We tailor make each research and consulting project to deliver what is needed to make those important decisions.

Why Adroit?

1. Partnering with clients: Adroit partners with its client for execution of its project, we involve our clients in various stages of project

2. Rich database & relationship: With our wide and deep relationships across geographies and industries, we help our clients by providing insights, market intelligence and expert advice.

3. Service Quality: Adroit follows highest quality standards for providing quality output to its clients. Adroit follows standard procedures for data collection, quality check and data analysis.

4. Shorter turnaround time: With our field force, industry experts and consultants, we can start and complete the projects under tight and strict deadlines of its clients.